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GyroCopter made in Africa - for Africa
Follow us to one of the most exciting and useful projects for Africa
We are a group of specialized companies that want to use the most advanced technologies to enable all people to fly. An old human dream comes true! We have chosen the simplest, cheapest and above all the safest technology - the GyroCopter. What are the main development targets: fly by wire fully autonomous flying - so that everyone can fly after a short briefing. adjustable rotor, so that also vertical starting is possible. drive with diesel or alternatively with cold pressed vegetable oil. powered by special turbines adjustable pusher propeller product range:       2-seater giro without fairing, extremely inexpensive for shorter            distances, up to 300 km       2-seater gyro with closed cabin and long range up to 800 km       4-seater gyro with closed cabin and long range up to 800 km       6-seater gyro with closed cabin and long range up to 1.200 km Special applications of the individual gyro variants: Police design Ambulance services Various military designs Various business designs Observation equipment for the coastguard, surveying, etc. With floats to land and take off on the water With skis to land and take off on the snow. Until we can deliver our own production with the new features, we temporarily sell conventional GyroCopters from renowned manufacturers.
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AFRICA GyroCopter SA
AFRICA GyroCopter SA